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Sano Cooking School is your personal tutor for creating healthier food. It is our passion and obsession to show you how simple, affordable, and utterly delicious eating healthier can be.

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Our course is a one stop shop for truly healthy recipes, cook along videos, teaching in healthy eating and gaining confidence in the kitchen. Sign up for lifetime access.

For most people, getting started with healthier eating is a much easier process when they learn how to take the every day foods that they enjoy, and give them a facelift. It's easy when you know how!

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Our instructors are qualified Nutritionists, accomplished chefs and food writers, and leaders in the field, with decades of experience between them

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Each of our courses feature beautifully designed recipe cards that you can print out and keep. The recipe cards not only show you the finished dish and how to make the recipe, it also shows you potential health benefits of the ingredients and the dish as a whole

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